Was Crocodile stronger at Marineford? Or was he holding back in Alabasta?

 During the Alabasta arc, Crocodile displayed a level of power that was initially considered overwhelming by the Straw Hat Pirates. He possessed the Logia-type Devil Fruit called the Suna Suna no Mi (Sand-Sand Fruit), which granted him the ability to control and transform into sand. He had a reputation as a Shichibukai and controlled the desert kingdom of Alabasta from the shadows. His strength was showcased through his battles with Luffy and others. At Marineford, Crocodile was present as part of the war that took place at Marine Headquarters. While he did participate in the battle, he didn't display the same level of dominance as some other powerful characters present. This has led fans to speculate that he might not have been as strong as initially portrayed in Alabasta. It's important to note that power scaling and character abilities can be subject to interpretation and development by the author. Oda often keeps details deliberately open-ended to keep the story intriguing.

xiaomi redmi note 12 pro 5g


                                                                   Brand Xiaomi

Model Name T21

Network Service Provider Unlocked for All Carriers

OS MIUI 13, Android 12

Cellular Technology Supports 5G* / 4G / 3G/ 2G Supported 5G Bands: NR (SA & NSA): n1, n3, n5, n7, n8, n20, n28, n38, n40, n41, n77, n78, n79Supports 5G* / 4G / 3G/ 2G Supported 5G Bands: NR (SA & NSA): n1, n3, n5, n7, n8, n20, n28, n38, n40, n41, n77, n78, n79 See more

About this item

The Pro-grade triple 50MP camera array unleashes the true power of a triple-camera setup. The large 50MP Sony IMX707 captures upto 120% more light. The 50MP Telephoto & 50MP Ultra-wide enable you to enjoy a top-class cinematography experience. The 32MP front facing camera is segment best.

The 6.73'' WQHD+ 120Hz AMOLED display with AdaptiveSync Pro is a master in clarity, brightness and smoothness. The display is certified A+ by DisplayMate & is Dolby Vision & HDR10+ compliant. It is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass Victus and comes with a In-display fingerprint sensor.

The flagship Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, 4nm processor is designed to provide groundbreaking performance. The super-big 2900mm² vapour chamber, along with three layers of massive graphite sheets provides an advanced cooling system.

The 120W in-box HyperCharger can fully charge the massive 4600mAh battery in 18 minutes. The device also supports upto 50W of Wireless Turbo charging.

The Quad stereo speaker set-up tuned Harman Kardon, comes with Dolby Atmos certification that brings out richer audio experience. The device is also Hi-Res certified for both wired and wireless Audio

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 12 Pro 5G is a budget smartphone that was released in late 2021. It is part of the Redmi Note 12 series, which also includes the 4G-only Redmi Note 12 and the higher-end Redmi Note 12 Pro.

The Redmi Note 12 Pro 5G features a 6.67-inch Full HD+ IPS LCD display with a 120Hz refresh rate, making it one of the more affordable phones with a high refresh rate display. It is powered by the MediaTek Dimensity 800U processor, which is a mid-range 5G-capable chip. The phone comes with up to 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, which can be expanded with a microSD card.

One of the standout features of the Redmi Note 12 Pro 5G is its camera system. It has a 64-megapixel main camera, a 2-megapixel macro camera, a 2-megapixel depth sensor, and a 2-megapixel ultrawide camera. On the front, it has a 20-megapixel selfie camera. The camera system is capable of capturing good-quality photos and videos, and it also has a number of features such as night mode, portrait mode, and support for 4K video recording.

The Redmi Note 12 Pro 5G is also equipped with a large 5,000mAh battery with support for 33W fast charging. It comes with a USB-C port and a 3.5mm headphone jack, and it also has a side-mounted fingerprint sensor for security. The phone runs on MIUI 12 based on Android 11.

Overall, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 12 Pro 5G is a solid budget smartphone that offers good performance, a high refresh rate display, and a capable camera system at an affordable price. It is a good choice for those who are looking for a 5G phone on a budget. 

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Redmi Note 12 Pro

5G smartphone

Budget smartphone

Mid-range smartphone

MediaTek Dimensity 800U processor

High refresh rate display

Quad camera system


Android 11

Fast charging

USB-C port

Headphone jack

Fingerprint sensor