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What caused the downfall of anarcho-communism in Spain?

 Anarcho-communism played a significant role in the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) and was an influential ideology among some of the anti-fascist forces that fought against the Nationalist rebels during the conflict. However, anarcho-communism did not ultimately succeed in Spain and was eventually suppressed by the victorious Nationalist forces.

There were a number of factors that contributed to the downfall of anarcho-communism in Spain. One key factor was the political and military context in which the ideology emerged. Anarcho-communism was strongest in parts of Spain that were controlled by the anti-fascist forces, which were facing a formidable enemy in the Nationalist rebels, who were supported by Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy. The Nationalists ultimately won the civil war and established a fascist dictatorship under General Francisco Franco, which suppressed all forms of opposition, including anarchism.

Another factor that contributed to the downfall of anarcho-communism in Spain was the internal divisions and conflicts within the anti-fascist forces. Anarcho-communism was just one of many ideologies that were represented among the anti-fascist forces, and there were often tensions and conflicts between different factions. These divisions and conflicts may have hindered the ability of the anti-fascist forces to effectively resist the Nationalist rebels and contributed to their ultimate defeat.

Overall, the downfall of anarcho-communism in Spain was the result of a complex interplay of political, military, and social factors that were specific to the context of the Spanish Civil War.