Was Crocodile stronger at Marineford? Or was he holding back in Alabasta?

 During the Alabasta arc, Crocodile displayed a level of power that was initially considered overwhelming by the Straw Hat Pirates. He possessed the Logia-type Devil Fruit called the Suna Suna no Mi (Sand-Sand Fruit), which granted him the ability to control and transform into sand. He had a reputation as a Shichibukai and controlled the desert kingdom of Alabasta from the shadows. His strength was showcased through his battles with Luffy and others. At Marineford, Crocodile was present as part of the war that took place at Marine Headquarters. While he did participate in the battle, he didn't display the same level of dominance as some other powerful characters present. This has led fans to speculate that he might not have been as strong as initially portrayed in Alabasta. It's important to note that power scaling and character abilities can be subject to interpretation and development by the author. Oda often keeps details deliberately open-ended to keep the story intriguing.

What are the living conditions like for foreigners in China? Are there any provinces that are considered to have particularly bad living conditions?

 The living conditions for foreigners in China can vary depending on a number of factors, including their location, their job, and their personal circumstances.

In general, urban areas in China tend to have better living conditions than rural areas, with more modern amenities and infrastructure. However, the cost of living in urban areas can be high, and housing can be expensive, especially in major cities such as Beijing and Shanghai.

In rural areas, living conditions can be more basic, with less developed infrastructure and fewer amenities. The cost of living in rural areas is often lower, but access to healthcare, education, and other services may be more limited.

It is difficult to say whether there are any specific provinces in China that have particularly bad living conditions, as the quality of living can vary within a single province. However, some rural areas of China may have lower living standards compared to urban areas, due to factors such as poverty, lack of infrastructure, and limited access to services.

Overall, the living conditions for foreigners in China can vary widely depending on their individual circumstances and the specific location where they are living. It is a good idea for foreigners to research the living conditions in a particular area before deciding to live there.