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'Punch-up' between Margot Robbie and Cara Delevingne results in arrests

 Margot Robbie and Cara Delevingne were allegedly involved in a "punch-up" that led to the arrest and subsequent court appearance of two filmmakers.

At 3am on Sunday, the event took place after Margot, an actress, and Cara, a supermodel, had finished their meals at the Patagonia Sur restaurant in the La Boca neighbourhood of Buenos Aires (02.10.22)

The photographer is alleged to have ended up on the ground bleeding and with a broken arm, according to Sunday night's Sun article on Josey McNamara, a film producer and Margot's business partner, and essential grip Jac Hopkins.

It stated that Margot and Cara fled the scene while the two Britons were detained and escorted to a police station for questioning.

The incident occurred when companions Margot and Cara attempted to enter an Uber, according to TMZ on Sunday.

According to the complaint, "a pap rushed the ladies as they were getting into the car... According to our sources, the meeting startled the driver, who then drove off while Cara was seated in the backseat and Margot was split equally between the two.

The photographer, identified by The Sun as Pedro Alberto Orquera, was transported to the hospital after witnesses contacted 911, where he is reportedly awaiting surgery for "severe injuries."

According to the source, a police investigation revealed Josey and Jac told officers the photographer was "responsible for his own injuries."

The couple reportedly appeared before magistrates on Sunday afternoon, according to the article.

Jac was a member of the cast of the next "Barbie" movie, which stars 41-year-old Ryan Gosling as Ken, and Josey collaborated with Margot on the project.

Margot, who shares a smiling face tattoo with Cara on her big toe, was last month spotted at the model's house after "concerning" photos were taken of her friend Cara appearing dishevelled at the Los Angeles airport after leaving the "Burning Man" festival.