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Tesla AI Day 2022: Elon Musk's Optimus Robot and Self-Driving Car Technology


Tesla's AI team is working diligently to develop humanoid robots and fully autonomous vehicles. You can follow the company's AI Day 2022 beginning at 6:15 p.m. PT on Tesla's livestream website. Expect to see cutting-edge applications of practical AI, but be ready to wait years before such technology is suited for widespread use.

A possible highlight of the show will be the Tesla Bot, a humanoid robot with the codename Optimus that CEO Elon Musk unveiled at the first AI Day. Last year, in an odd attempt to show what the Tesla Bot will look like, we only saw specifications, a mockup dummy, and a herky-jerky dance from someone dressed as Optimus Prime. Musk postponed the second AI Day in order to await a functioning Tesla Bot prototype.

Computing is undergoing a transformation thanks to AI, and Tesla wants to lead that revolution. Tech behemoths have successfully incorporated AI into online services like Google search, but Tesla thinks that its AI can also revolutionise how people interact with one another in the real world.

Previous occasions along these lines have included flashy technology, such as AI Day last year and the Neuralink launch in 2019. However, they've also been designed to aid Musk in luring brilliant and ambitious engineers, and the second AI Day continues this trend.

According to Musk's tweet from Thursday, "This event is designed for attracting AI & robotics engineers, hence will be highly technical." Tesla posted an animation of robot hands making a human heart sign, echoing Musk's claim that the Tesla Bot will be "kind."

According to job postings seen by Reuters, Tesla is employing Tesla Bot developers to create not only wheeled models for factories but also walking humanoid robots, and Musk expressly planned flashy events like AI Day to hire staff. You shouldn't feel dumb if you're concerned about bowing down to our future robot overlords because Musk himself has expressed concern about how insignificant we'll appear in comparison to superintelligent AIs that present a "existential threat" to humans. Tesla, on the other hand, is attempting to allay our concerns with Optimus, viewing the Tesla Bot as a useful assistance. On its Instagram page, it posted a picture of robot hands forming a heart and said, "If you can run faster than 5mph, you'll be alright."

A far older project, FSD Beta, Tesla's technology to advance its vehicles toward full self-driving capabilities, is likely to share the spotlight with the Tesla Bot.

What you need to know about AI Day is provided here.

I want to witness Tesla's AI Day 2022, but how?
As with the inaugural Tesla AI Day, the business hasn't yet provided information on how to watch the AI event, but it's expected to be aired on its YouTube channel. For high-profile events for the automaker and two of his other businesses, rocket manufacturer SpaceX and brain-computer connection designer Neuralink, Musk has employed that.

Tesla announced that it would start livestreaming AI Day 2022 at 6:15 p.m. PT on Friday. According to an event invitation, the event starts at 5 p.m. PT for those in attendance in person.

What plans does Tesla have for the Tesla Bot?
Musk stated the Tesla Bot would be "nice" and built to undertake "dangerous, repetitive, boring jobs" that a human would want to avoid when he first revealed the concept. "Physical employment will be an option in the future. You can do it if you want to, but you won't have to "said he.

The 40 mechanical actuators in the 125-pound, battery-powered, human-sized robot, including 12 in its hands for "human-level" functionality, will help it move when used as intended. It will be able to lift 150 pounds and use eight cameras to view the environment. According to Tesla's design, it uses the same computer that runs the company's vehicles.

A robot that can manage the multitude of situations that humans live in is incredibly difficult to create. However, operating in more constrained and managed conditions, like a Tesla plant or warehouse, lessens the difficulties. That would be analogous to Tesla starting its work on self-driving cars by restricting the use of Autopilot to freeways, where lanes are clearly designated, there are no traffic lights, and parked cars and pedestrians are few.

A humanoid robot is more difficult to create than a wheeled, squat robot. The Atlas robot from Boston Dynamics is a wonderful illustration of how long the research process may take. However, if you can get one to operate, it's handily set up to move around and interact with objects in a world that people have made for themselves.

At Tesla's AI Day, an Optimus prototype is anticipated.

What exactly is AI?
Nowadays, artificial intelligence is most often used to describe the process of teaching computer systems to recognise patterns, comprehend what's happening, and make judgments utilising enormous amounts of real-world data. It represents a significant departure from the constrictive rules of conventional if-this-then-that programming, emphasising instead the ability to grapple with a larger range of tasks that are significantly more intricate and nuanced.

For projects like Google search results, Apple iPhone 14 photography, and Facebook's method for choosing advertising based on the text of our postings, Big Tech is pouring billions of dollars into AI. It's improving steadily, but lacks the general-purpose capabilities of human brains and is still primarily utilised for specialised jobs.

Musk participated in the founding of the OpenAI lab, which has developed natural language processing using the AI model GPT-3 and demonstrated creativity by transforming text prompts into artwork using the AI model DALL-E. The goal of OpenAI is "to ensure that general artificial intelligence benefits humanity as a whole."
How's Tesla doing simulated intelligence?
Tesla is a key part in artificial intelligence. Its FSD Beta programming is one model, however a Tesla Bot that meanders our homes, answers our orders or moves boxes of bolts around a Tesla plant floor likewise should utilize simulated intelligence.

One of the most troublesome aspects of man-made intelligence is preparing the model, a work that requires a server farm of figuring power. It can require days or weeks to prepare modern computer based intelligence models.

Tesla assembled innovation called Dojo to accelerate artificial intelligence preparing designed for ingesting video information from Tesla vehicles. At the establishment are its hand crafted simulated intelligence processors that can be connected in large numbers into a solitary "exapod." Hope to hear more about Dojo at computer based intelligence Day.

To get a handle on input video, objects in it like bikes, traffic signals' left turn bolts and stop signs should be named. That is halfway finished by people and part of the way by other man-made intelligence frameworks, and Tesla has put vigorously in autolabeling.

When a man-made intelligence model is prepared, other Tesla-planned processors in the organization's vehicles run the model to distinguish their environmental elements and settle on conclusions about how to drive.

There, as well, Tesla created custom man-made intelligence chips. "Tesla's deduction motor is among the best in performance..., giving them a genuine benefit," said Keith McMillen, President of BeBop Sensors, a startup planning contact sensors robots can utilize.

What's the situation with Tesla's FSD innovation?
FSD, short for Full Self Driving, is innovation that via car industry norms is really arranged as driver help. Tesla requires a human to focus and be prepared consistently to take over from the PC if important, implementing its strategy with necessities that the driver frequently apply some turning tension on the controlling wheel.

FSD is a development over Tesla driver help innovation called Autopilot that works just on roads. However, Tesla has battled for quite a long time to convey FSD to clients that paid for it. Lately, opened a FSD Beta program to drivers procure a high wellbeing score, as decided by the Tesla vehicle's checking of conduct like hard slowing down or following different vehicles too intently.

In September, Musk delivered the product update to a lot bigger area of clients - - 160,000 all out FSD Beta analyzers, he tweeted. FSD Beta adaptation 10.69.3 due in October "brings step-change upgrades," Musk additionally said.

Is a robot computer based intelligence harder or simpler than a vehicle computer based intelligence?
A similar innovation Tesla creates for vehicles can be adjusted for humanoid robots.

"Our vehicles are semi-conscious robots on wheels - - brain nets perceiving the world, understanding how to explore through the world," Musk said at the primary computer based intelligence Day.

In any case, the range of circumstances a robot could experience in an individual's house is unfathomably more shifted than what a vehicle experiences on a street, similar to the errands we could order it to perform. A robot that works in additional restricted conditions, as in a manufacturing plant or stockroom, would be more straightforward to prepare.