Was Crocodile stronger at Marineford? Or was he holding back in Alabasta?

 During the Alabasta arc, Crocodile displayed a level of power that was initially considered overwhelming by the Straw Hat Pirates. He possessed the Logia-type Devil Fruit called the Suna Suna no Mi (Sand-Sand Fruit), which granted him the ability to control and transform into sand. He had a reputation as a Shichibukai and controlled the desert kingdom of Alabasta from the shadows. His strength was showcased through his battles with Luffy and others. At Marineford, Crocodile was present as part of the war that took place at Marine Headquarters. While he did participate in the battle, he didn't display the same level of dominance as some other powerful characters present. This has led fans to speculate that he might not have been as strong as initially portrayed in Alabasta. It's important to note that power scaling and character abilities can be subject to interpretation and development by the author. Oda often keeps details deliberately open-ended to keep the story intriguing.

Venom: Scenes Sets Up Major Marvel Crossover

 Venom 2 Post-Credits Scene Description Leaks Online | CBR

Does Venom 2 have a credits scene? Spoiler cautioning for Venom: Let There Be Carnage, only in theaters Thursday. Universes impact when Spider-Man lowlifess Venom (Tom Hardy) and Carnage (Woody Harrelson) conflict in Venom: Let There Be Carnage, the following part in Sony's Spider-Man Universe. Full spoilers ahead. A post-credits scene sets up one more standoff between chief rivals when the extending "Toxin refrain" dives into the Multiverse, uncovering a hybrid with the Marvel Cinematic Universe home to an exposed Peter Parker (Tom Holland) in Spider-Man: No Way Home. What's more, it will detonate your mind. 

When Will Venom 2 : Let There Be Carnage Be Released? - Daily Research Plot

What Happens in the Venom 2 Credits Scene With Spoilers 

Venom 2 Leaked Post-Credits And Major Spoilers; This Was Unexpected

After Eddie Brock (Hardy) and Venom bond again to fight got away from chronic executioner Cletus Kasady (Harrelson) and an outsider symbiote posterity, finishing their rule of most extreme bloodletting, the deadly defenders retreat to a summary lodging on a remote location. Watching a telenovela in bed, Venom uncovers he's been concealing confidential: "We as a whole have a past, Eddie." 

"80 billion light-long periods of hive information across universes would detonate your little cerebrum," the contorted voice of Venom says, offering his human host a sample of "simply the littlest part of the things we symbiotes have encountered." 

Venom 2 Special Screening Leaves Fans Excited About Post-Credits Scene

The room thunders. "What's going on?" Venom asks as their brain consolidate turns into a brilliant, blasting light of yellow. Abruptly, and mysteriously, the room is still. Gone is the telenovela on the messed up TV, supplanted by a breaking news report from TheDailyBugle.net savant J. Jonah Jameson (J.K. Simmons). 

A shaken Eddie doesn't have a clue where they are. The room has changed. "How did you respond?" 

"It wasn't me," says Venom as Eddie directs his concentration toward the "stunning disclosure" unfurling live. On the TV, a Daily Bugle restrictive uncovered secondary school understudy Peter Parker as the costumed "bug hazard" in a scene finishing Sony and Marvel's Spider-Man: Far From Home. 

Venom 2 post credits Spider Man Tom Holland

Toxin overwhelms Brock's body at the notice of Parker's name. Insect Man stands exposed, his character outed to the world for the supposed homicide of Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal). "That person," Venom growls, his long tongue licking the transmission of the charged Spider-Man.

Out steps a vacationing man in swim trunks, bewildered by a disoriented and trespassing Eddie Brock. "Dude, what are you doing in my room?" Eddie doesn't know how he got there. 

Venom will return.

Venom 2 Post-Credits Scene Explained

Venom: Let There Be Carnage Fans Freaking Out Over Post-Credits Scene After  Screening Event

Audiences are left to question how Eddie and Venom teleport into the MCU. The yellow boom resembles the putting-the-genie-back-in-the-bottle magic of Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) glimpsed in the trailer for No Way Home, where the sorcerer warns Parker about attempts to reconceal his secret identity: "Be careful what you wish for." 

The Venom 2 credits scene appears to happen concurrently with Jameson's breaking news reveal from the mid-credits scene of Far From Home, suggesting neither Venom nor Doctor Strange is responsible for transporting Eddie into another universe. This could be explained by Sylvie's (Sophia Di Martino) actions in the Marvel Studios series Loki, where she unwittingly unleashes a multiverse of madness when she strikes down He Who Remains (Jonathan Majors) in the Citadel at the End of Time. 

Another possibility is Knull, the creator and God of the Symbiotes, who rules the symbiote hive-mind known as "The Hive." In the comic books, one of Knull's many powers is temporal manipulation, giving him the ability to interact with the multiversal timeline.

Sony and Marvel's Spider-Man Universe 

Sony's Spider-Man Universe Is Official Title For Non-MCU Marvel Movies

Venom 2 director Andy Serkis hinted at a crossover between the two universes when he said recently that Venom and Spider-Man's worlds would collide "big time." Earlier this year, Sony Pictures President Sanford Panitch said there "actually is a plan" to better blend Sony's Spider-Man Universe and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, telling Variety, "I think now maybe it's getting a little more clear for people where we're headed and I think when No Way Home comes out, even more will be revealed." 

Featuring Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams, Naomie Harris, Reid Scott, Stephen Graham, and Woody Harrelson, Venom: Let There Be Carnage is currently playing in theaters.