Was Crocodile stronger at Marineford? Or was he holding back in Alabasta?

 During the Alabasta arc, Crocodile displayed a level of power that was initially considered overwhelming by the Straw Hat Pirates. He possessed the Logia-type Devil Fruit called the Suna Suna no Mi (Sand-Sand Fruit), which granted him the ability to control and transform into sand. He had a reputation as a Shichibukai and controlled the desert kingdom of Alabasta from the shadows. His strength was showcased through his battles with Luffy and others. At Marineford, Crocodile was present as part of the war that took place at Marine Headquarters. While he did participate in the battle, he didn't display the same level of dominance as some other powerful characters present. This has led fans to speculate that he might not have been as strong as initially portrayed in Alabasta. It's important to note that power scaling and character abilities can be subject to interpretation and development by the author. Oda often keeps details deliberately open-ended to keep the story intriguing.

How to make a delicious Pot cupcake

How To Make Chocolate Marijuana Cupcakes | The Weed Blog

 Regular, chocolate or vegetarian. Today we need to impart to you 3 sorts of plans of pot cupcakes for all preferences and, most importantly, exceptionally simple to get ready, which what is unquestionably significant. Take paper, pen, kitchen cover and we should get work..

Here's How to Make the Best Weed Cupcakes

We are back again with sweet plans dependent on pot, so everybody, you and your visitors might entertain yourself, occasionally, fulfilling your sense of taste and faculties, the last mentioned, you know, has a multifaceted nuance. Since, there isn't anything more charming than partaking in a treat that you like, while snickering or unwinding because of the impacts of cannabis.

Notwithstanding, as to the dose of pot, you generally need to remember that there isn't anything to do with smoking weed, with devouring it straightforwardly, so the dose should be a lot of lower and, particularly in case you will welcome others to attempt your culinary expressions, put the actions as reasonable as could really be expected, so you don't take any terrible amazement: weed, when you burn-through it by oral course, sets aside more effort to be dynamic on your mind, so be dependable with the dose. Cupcake Flower Pots, how-to - justJENN recipes justJENN recipes

Furthermore, having recalled that significant point, we should go to what we are truly intrigued by this moment: learning 3 unique plans of maryjane cupcake. Be that as it may, why three? 

How To Make Flower Pot Cupcakes! - Inspired Chick

Since we need one of them to have cannabis in the actual biscuit, the other one in the stuffed on the highest point of the biscuit, in other words, participating in the seasoned spread, and the third one, in light of the fact that as you understand we need all individuals to have the option to take them, along these lines, we are additionally going to make one for veggie lovers, likewise appropriate for celiacs. 

Likewise, getting back to the initial two, one will have the chocolate biscuit and the other will be regular. A while later, you choose if you incline toward chocolate and pot in the top margarine or the normal one with the weed granulated in the cupcake in itself. Whatever you pick… it'll be incredible! So… would you say you are in? We should get everything rolling! 

Cupcakes in Flower Pots | Emmaline Bride

We suggest decarboxylate the cannabis prior to cooking, in light of the fact that despite the fact that during the course of elaboration of the formula, the pot can be decarboxylated, in the event that we do it before we ensure that the decarboxylation is done accurately. Assuming you need to realize how to do it click on this connection Weed decarboxylation