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Donald Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame covered in dog poop


Donald Trump got s*** on this week, and presently we know the guilty party ... what's more, his name is Axl. 

As we announced, somebody unloaded a heap of crap on Trump's star on the Hollywood Walk of distinction. It's not defacing - on the grounds that there was no harm - except for apparently it's an infringement of the L.A. Pooper Scooper mandate ... Notwithstanding, we've realized there's a contort. 

Donald Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Dog Pooper Revealed

All things considered,  broken the case. Turns out Axl, a 18-month-old salvage, was strolling on Hollywood Blvd. with his proprietor, James Hawkins, when nature called. Axl took a monster crap close to Trump's star, and instead of getting it, Hawkins concluded it ought to enhance Trump's star. 

Donald Trump's Walk of Fame star is vandalized AGAIN in woman's spray paint  attack in broad daylight | Daily Mail Online

James reveals to us he got the crap and put it on 45's star. He snapped a picture to keep the memory alive. A brief time frame later, James sacked the crap and left the location of the crime.

James is a photographic artist from Rhode Island, who was visiting the area on business. He reveals to us he's a liberal, and he's not an aficionado of Trump's ... indeed, he said he thinks Trump is "a piece of s**t," so James felt one great piece merits another.

Someone Cleaned Trump's Hollywood Star And It Turned Into A Huge Meme

BTW ... it doesn't seem James abused the Pooper Scooper mandate since he blue-packed away the fecal matter quite promptly. 

Concerning Axl, he went through Friday with James who was skating on the sea shore, so he's making some fab memories in L.A.