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PewDiePie explains why his opinion of TikTok has changed


YouTube star Felix 'PewDiePie' Kjellberg has famously not been an aficionado of mainstream versatile video stage TikTok — however now, he asserts his assessment on the viral application is improving.

Since the time 2018, PewDiePie has been very vocal about his abhorrence for TikTok, guaranteeing that the stage at first confounded him prior to expressing gratitude toward it for converging with Music.aly rather than YouTube. 

PewDiePie criticizes TikTok

That is not all; Kjellberg likewise asserted there was "no genuine substance left" on the application, expressing "It's simply kids savaging one another. … now, nobody is making genuine TikTok recordings." 

Tik Tok Girls have gone too far.. TikTok - Part 4 - YouTube

A couple of years after the fact, Kjellberg appears to have altered his perspective on the site to some degree, as per a video he transferred on April 20, 2021, where he said "in any event it's superior to Twitter, right?"

Despite the fact that there were a couple of duds in his TikTok gathering, he conceded that the stage has some slick recordings subsequent to watching a clasp of a surfer pulling off certain moves underneath an ice-shrouded lake.

There are some cool TikToks," the YouTuber conceded happily. "My psyche is evolving gradually. I'm opening up. I like it! … some TikToks are truly so interesting." 

The Memes of Tik Tok... TikTok - Part 5 - YouTube

That is not all; the YouTube ruler likewise uncovered that he'd gotten enlivened to play a game on his channel because of a TikTok that suggested "Before Your Eyes" — an intuitive encounter that changes the climate each time a player flickers.

"I'm formally not a TikTok hater," PewDiePie kidded. "In view of this one TikTok that assisted me with tracking down a cool game."

While TikTok probably won't be his #1 cup of tea, it's difficult to contend that the stage doesn't have many jewels — which incorporate everything from a musician who transforms Facebook Market bargains turned sour into funny tunes and surprisingly a feline proprietor who takes elaborate spa days with his pets. PewDiePie is finally tired of TikTok, says “there's no actual content left”  - Dexerto

It appears to be that PewDiePie has turned another leaf in regards to the web's most famous short-structure video application… despite the fact that it doesn't resemble it's besting YouTube for him at any point in the near future.