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Daunte Wright called his mom just before he was shot

Daunte Wright, 20, died shortly after speaking with his mom.

Minutes before he was killed, Daunte Wright called his mom and revealed to her he got pulled over. She had no clue it would be the last time she would talk with her child. 

The 20-year-old expected to get protection data, his mom Katie Wright said.

Daunte Wright, 20, kicked the bucket not long after talking with his mother. 

"I said OK, when the cop returns to the window, put him on the telephone and I can give him all our protection data," she said. 

Police release bodycam video of Daunte Wright shooting

"A second passes by, and I hear the cop return up to the window and request that Daunte escape the vehicle. Daunte requested, 'what?' The cop said, 'I'll disclose to you when you escape the vehicle.'"

Katie Wright, center, described the "worst day of my life" when she saw her son after he was shot.

Katie Wright, focus, depicted the "most noticeably awful day of my life" when she saw her child after he was shot. 

The mother said she could hear the police and her child battling. 

"At that point the cop requested that he hang up the telephone," Katie Wright said. "Three or four seconds passed by. I had a go at getting back to consecutive to back in light of the fact that I didn't have the foggiest idea what was happening."

Best case scenario, she thought, possibly he was getting captured. She before long saw it was a lot of more awful.

At the point when I got back to, the young lady that he had in the vehicle picked up the telephone, and it was on FaceTime. Furthermore, she was crying and shouting and said that they shot him. And afterward she pointed the telephone towards the driver's seat and my child was laying there, lethargic. That was the last time that I seen my child," she said, wailing. 

"That is the last time I heard from my child. Furthermore, I've had no clarification from that point forward." 

Protests after Minneapolis police shoot 20-year-old Daunte Wright | Black  Lives Matter News | Al Jazeera

Police in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, said Wright was at first pulled over Sunday evening for a lapsed tag.

Bodycam film shows that after Wright got out of the vehicle and afterward got back in, an official said she planned to utilize a Taser on him. 

In any case, rather than shooting a Taser, Officer Kim Potter shot a handgun, shouting "Gracious sh*t! I shot him!" as Wright was mortally injured. 

Both the official and the police boss have surrendered. A little child is presently orphan. Also, the Minneapolis territory, previously wrestling with the passing of George Floyd, presently grieves another demise of a man during a police experience.

'They took my child's father from him'

Chyna Whitaker, holding her son Daunte Wright Jr., said she's devastated that the boy is now fatherless.

Chyna Whitaker, holding her child Daunte Wright Jr., said she's crushed that the kid is currently illegitimate. 

Wright gives up a youthful child, Daunte Wright Jr., who should see his father to commend his impending second birthday celebration. 

"Presently my child, he don't have a father," said the kid's mom, Chyna Whitaker. 

"His father will not will see him for his second birthday celebration or for any of his birthday events. Furthermore, I'm simply so wrecked about it since I feel like they took my child's father from him." 

'How would we assemble life back after this?' 

Naisha Wright made the crosscountry excursion from her home in Alabama to Minnesota subsequent to finding out about her nephew's passing

Naisha Wright speaks out about the death of her nephew Daunte at a news conference Tuesday.

Naisha Wright revolts against the demise of her nephew Daunte at a news meeting Tuesday. 

"My nephew was 20 years of age. I don't mind what no one had the chance to say about him. He was adored," Naisha Wright said, recognizing the solid family worked by the young fellow's folks. 

"This is no messed up home. This is 23 years of adoration." 

Yet, presently, the family has been broken after Wright's demise. 

"How would we set up life back after this?" Naisha Wright inquired. "My mom shouldn't need to cover her grandkid. My sibling and my sister shouldn't cover their child." 

'I can't acknowledge that ... botch' 

The clarification that Wright was executed incidentally gives zero solace to his family. 

"I can't acknowledge that. I lost my child. He's rarely returning," Wright's dad Aubrey Wright told ABC's "Acceptable Morning America" Tuesday.

"I can't acknowledge that ... botch. That doesn't sound right. You know, this official has been on the power for 26 or more years. I can't acknowledge that." 

Not Just One Bad Apple: Another Man of Color Was Murdered By Police Outside  of Minneapolis | Left Voice

The case is being researched by a free office, and it's not satisfactory if Potter will be charged. 

Katie Wright said she "might want to see equity served and her considered responsible for all that she's taken from us." 

George Floyd's family offers backing to the Wrights 

Wright's passing blended difficult recollections for some, Minnesotans, including the group of George Floyd. The previous Minneapolis official who stooped on Floyd's neck for over 9 minutes, Derek Chauvin, is right now being investigated. 

On Tuesday, Floyd's family left the preliminary to meet with the Wright family outside the Minneapolis town hall. 

"They thought it was significant that they offer solace to Dante Wright's mom" and family, said Benjamin Crump, a lawyer for the Wright family.

Joined in melancholy, Philonise Floyd said his family remains in fortitude with the Wright family. 

Floyd's sibling, Philonise Floyd, told the Wright family "we will remain in help with you." 

"The world is damaged, watching another African American man being killed," Philonise Floyd said. 

"I woke up toward the beginning of the day with this at the forefront of my thoughts. I would prefer not to see another casualty," he said. 

"It's a period for change, and that time is currently."