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Why did pewdiepie Diss 6ix9ine?

"I simply don't care for him": PewDiePie uncovers why he dissed 6ix9ine in "Coco," considers him a "coward"

PewDiePie explained his recent beef with 6ix9ine

The world's greatest YouTuber, Felix "PewDiePie" Kjellberg, as of late stunned the world with the arrival of his Cocomelon diss track, in which he shockingly discharged shots at questionable rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine. 

The 31-year old Swedish YouTuber has been moving via online media since the time he delivered "Coco" - a no nonsense diss track in which he targets close adversary and kids' nursery rhyme channel Cocomelon. 

In any case, what wound up turning into the cynosure of everyone's eyes were the severe references to Tekashi 6ix9ine throughout the melody.

PewDiePie clarifies why he dissed Tekashi 6ix9ine

In a clasp from his new Minecraft stream, PewDiePie gives the abject on why precisely he chose to diss 6ix9ine.

Considering him a "quitter", he starts by ridiculing him, as he guarantees that 6ix9ine is produced of getting beaten by him: 

"Six Nine has been outrageously tranquil hasn't he? F*****g weakling! He's frightened, you realize he's terrified , I'm not in any event, kidding about it . Envision getting pounded by a Swedish man, there's simply no recuperation. There's simply no reason and he realizes that." 

He at that point nonchalantly uncovers why he called him out in his new Cocomelon diss track: 

"A many individuals are befuddled why I got down on Six Nine ...I simply don't care for him! " 

With his severe genuineness, PewDiePie appears to have given the appropriate response concerning why he chose to diss 6ix9ine in "Coco". 

While his call-out may have overwhelmed fans, a greater part have lapped it up, going to the degree of previously picking sides if the two were to get into a battle: