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Who is Corpse Husband ?

I hate my face": Corpse Husband reveals he cut his face with razor blades,  receives support online

The isolated maker is presently quite possibly the most conspicuous figures on the web

"Corpse Husband" is a conundrum. He never shows his face and he never goes out. 

Be that as it may, notwithstanding being to some degree a secret, Corpse Husband has still become an online media sensation. How could he ascend to his present degree of acclaim? Enter TikTok and Among Us. 

Cadaver Husband (genuine name obscure) has for some time been perceived for his profound, throbbing voice. He's a YouTuber who began his profession five years prior by perusing "genuine harrowing tales" brimming with tales of people groups' disagreements with hoodlums, frightening dates, and then some. The recordings did moderately well. Today these recordings drift between 876 thousand and 2.2 million perspectives, yet to a great extent appeal to a specialty crowd. 

Fans are giddy as Halsey asks Corpse Husband to “teach” her Among Us -  Dexerto

His YouTube profession later dovetailed into making music. And keeping in mind that he doesn't post much on TikTok, the stage has served his music well — the authority sound for his tune, "E-GIRLS ARE RUINING MY LIFE!" has been utilized in more than 310 thousand recordings, excluding mainstream remixes. On Spotify alone, one of his tracks has reached more than 100 million streams. His fans are fixated of everything he might do, regardless of whether it's simply him posting an image of his hand.

Most as of late, he's moved towards another type of substance creation: real time mainstream computer games like Among Us, Rust, and Raft. A-handyman, he keeps on making every one of the three types of computerized substance right up 'til the present time. 


Corpse Husband has never uncovered his face to his fans — the most we've at any point gotten is a video meet with his face carefully darkened. He will, nonetheless, post photographs of the rear of his hand. He wears stout metal rings, chipped nail clean, and once in a while wristbands with plastic dots that seem as though the caring you make in primary school during create time. Rather than his face, he utilizes an animation symbol dependent on Frank from the spine chiller film, Donnie Darko. In a stream, he said he picked his moniker arbitrarily spontaneously. 

We don't think a lot about what he resembles, however he talks straightforwardly about his everyday difficulties. In a meeting, he guaranteed that he exited school when he was 12 years of age and shared that he has serious nervousness. As indicated by his Twitter he experiences ongoing ailment and he every so often tweets out when he can't rest and messages like, "suggestion to deal with myselffffffffffff and quit destroying my body."


Regardless of his dark picture, there is a great deal to like about Corpse Husband. This is on the grounds that he appears to be genuine, and now and again in any event, beguiling. On Twitter, he posts craftsmanship from his fans and will retweet fans wearing his merchandise, giving him a facade of openness. Companions like Valkyrae talk affectionately of him, taking note of that he resembles a younger sibling to her. 

One second that perfectly catches his allure is the point at which he met Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez online interestingly during an Among Us stream urging watchers to get out the vote. The occasion was colossal and acquired probably the greatest names in streaming, as Imane "Pokimane" Anys, Benjamin "DrLupo" Lupo, Hasan "HasanAbi" Piker, and obviously, Corpse Husband. 

In Among Us, up to 10 companions can get together on the web and play a homicide secret like Mafia and Werewolf. On one side, there are murders — called shams — attempting to disrupt endeavors to fix a space station. On the opposite side are the crewmates. As the shams go around and execute individuals, the crewmates will put forth a valiant effort to do a progression of errands to fix the station and sort out who the mysterious fakers are. Lying and blaming others for homicide is an enormous piece of the game. 

Cadaver joined during the occasion, yet dissimilar to every other person on camera, he was just utilizing his voice. At the point when Ocasio-Cortez heard him interestingly, she chuckled, "his voice is so profound." Later on Corpse approached Ocasio-Cortez while playing, "Uhhhh AOC?" Fearing an allegation of wrongdoings in the game, Ocasio-Cortez reacted by saying she didn't do anything. In any case, rather than blaming her for homicide — a typical piece of the game — he asked, "Uh, how's your day?" Ocasio-Cortez lets off a grin and reveals to him that she is doing extraordinary, making for a sweet trade.
LISTEN: Machine Gun Kelly, Corpse Husband Drop 'DAYWALKER!'

Charming minutes like that have encouraged him break into new crowds — more than 435 thousand watchers saw Corpse be adorable that evening in a ritzy stream that was one of the main five most saw singular streams in Twitch's set of experiences. This time, and all other times Corpse streams the game, he gets openness to the crowds of nine different decorations. And keeping in mind that he credits quite a bit of his initial streaming accomplishment to playing close by characters like PewDiePie, the huge measure of openness from different decorations gave him a most optimized plan of attack pass to web big name. 

The way that the individual who sings "Gag me like you scorn me" can likewise be sweet and charming to a U.S. senator shows the scope of his allure. Body is cool to youngsters, his essence on TikTok shows that e-young ladies and e-young men the same love him or need to be him, as do youthful goths and troublemakers. In the event that individuals aren't keen on his edgier side, they would his be able to happy streams. While he by and large has a more youthful crowd — TikTok and watching computer game streams will in general be popular with youngsters — he's set up an expansive crowd not many are able to do. 


Cadaver's entrance into real time computer games agreed with a different universe evolving occasion: the COVID-19 pandemic. Not, at this point ready to head outside, more individuals than any other time began watching livestreams. Sites like YouTube and Twitch saw record development. 

Other than the numbers game, the pandemic helped Corpse's picture in a special manner. His once extraordinary way of life of always failing to take off from the house, even before a pandemic, out of nowhere turned out to be very relatable to every one of his audience members. In "agoraphobic" he sings, "'Cause I'll age another fuckin' thousand days before I know it. No doubt, I spend them all inside, burn through my time while I'm scrollin.'" The gloomy pitiful kid who remains in and plays computer games turned into us all. 


Watching an unremarkable more odd play more than 30 minutes of a computer game probably won't seem like the best time approach to invest your energy, yet Corpse and his partner make for a totally turbulent time. While the gathering shifts, Corpse will stream with a strong arrangement of regulars like Valkyrae, Disguised Toast, and Sykkuno and fans love to watch explicit decorations assemble connections over the long run — particularly Sykkuno and Corpse. 

The gathering discovers approaches to switch up playing the game. In one stream, everybody acted like an alternate character from the Sherlock Holmes arrangement and afterward talked with a British pronunciation the whole time. The allure comes from the presentation and tricks — not as much the specialized ability of playing the game.

At a certain point, the influencer Bretman Rock inquired as to whether he observed Noche Buena since Corpse once said he is half Mexican. As the two substitute a foyer Bretman pushes the inquiry, "On the off chance that you do have noche buena, other than me, what will you eat?" Corpse simply continues to say "Bretman" again and again while giggling, at one point Valkyrae rings in, "I can hear [Corpse] becoming flushed through the receiver." The crazy discussion occurring close by every one of the unremarkable undertakings is a very sitcom-esque second that is suggestive of The Office. 


In a time where web-based media influencers reveal apparently unlimited subtleties of their own lives, Corpse Husband is a much needed refresher. Certainly, there are other substance makers who stay unknown , however few have very figured out how to construct a similar feeling of legend. 

The picture and character we know as "Carcass Husband" is a lot bigger than the genuine individual behind the mic. In a meeting, he once shared then he didn't figure it could satisfy the expectations around his face, "I don't figure anybody could now. Except if I was in a real sense a Norse god, yet that being said they'd resemble, uh, I don't have the foggiest idea, I don't care for his hair tone."