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What game did pewdiepie play about a young boy with a dog like creature?

PewDiePie's Minecraft dog gets married in emotional ceremony - Dexerto 

Sven Svenson is PewDiePie's Minecraft canine/wolf and epic friend all through the arrangement. Notable for enduring a few creeper blasts and close passing circumstances, Sven is one of the significant characters in the arrangement. 

Sven was restrained by PewDiePie during his visit to an Oak Forest biome. He immediately turned into his fundamental friend, continually taking him on experiences in Broland. Sven later experienced passionate feelings for Sven's BF, and they got hitched and had a child, Sven's Son, minutes after the fact. 

I found a DOG in Minecraft!!! - Part 7 - YouTube

Notwithstanding his capacity to get by close passing circumstances, life hasn't generally been simple for Sven. He unfortunately lost his better half after he kicked the bucket utilizing PewDiePie's ooze block bobbing machine. He additionally got damaged after inadvertently fricking with his own child, bringing about the introduction of Alabama Svenson, who was exiled to the Nether. 

PewDiePie returns to Minecraft YouTube series with epic search for Sven -  Dexerto

Note: In Parts 21 and 26, Pewds introduces some Pewdiepie-themed mods for Minecraft to mess with. After a few close demise occasions like a creeper blast and being caught submerged, the 9-year old local area concocted a well known hypothesis that the maker of the Pewdiepie mods must had added secret code to make Sven strong. This hypothesis presently can't seem to be demonstrated right as there isn't sufficient (or possibly, not very solid of) proof to help the hypothesis. At the point when Sven was pulled submerged in Part 9, Sven is maneuvered into a collapse the side of the submerged cave, in addition to a creeper blast when Pewdiepie enters said natural hollow in Part 10 According to certain scholars, there is a minuscule possibility of this really occurring through various experimentations and tests. Another well known hypothesis that to some degree upholds the case is by Dream in his Unsolved arrangement; In Part 28, a creeper detonates close to Sven, dispatching him noticeable all around and almost slaughtering him. Through tests and experimentation, it has been shown that there was a 10% possibility of Sven living this occasion.PewDiePie stunned after finally finding long-lost Minecraft character -  Dexerto

Section 7 

PewDiePie mindblown after experiencing Minecraft in VR | Stone  Marshall-Author

While investigating an Oak Forest biome Felix tracks down an untamed wolf, and attempts to take care of it fundamentals and in the end sorts out he needs bones and chicken. He keeps the two-timer cavern (Cave Home) and kills two skeletons, at that point restrains the deceiver. He names the wolf "Sven" and brings him back home securely to acquaint him with Joergen II and his different creatures. (Note: Sven's collar is red now in the course of events, not blue.) 

Section 8 

What Minecraft is like on Gear VR - YouTube

Sven gets inside Boat Cow's boat and is kept at PewDiePie's home, while PewDiePie battles an assault. 

Section 9 

PewDiePie May Already Be Returning To Minecraft, After Just A Small Break  From The Game - Happy Gamer - moKoKil

PewDiePie colors Sven's collar blue, and welcomes him and Joergen II on a sea experience. Close to the end his boat breaks and Sven gets sucked submerged by magma blocks. PewDiePie looks for him for a very long time, and at last discovers him in a cavern with some air. Mitigated, PewDiePie returns home however fails to remember he inadvertently made Sven sit. The scene closes with him making it back to Sven and asking his watchers what he ought to do straightaway. 

Section 10 

DONT Name Change your Horse in Minecraft to this... - Part 13 - YouTube

PewDiePie saves Sven from the submerged gorge by utilizing a lead and a soil pinnacle to drag Sven upwards. He drives him home with Joergen II and barely evades a creeper's impact yet both return home safe. He at that point gives Sven an ID. Afterward, Sven sees PewDiePie assemble IKEA Tower. 

Section 11 

PewDiePie May Already Be Returning to Minecraft, After Just A Small Break  From the Game

Sven goes excessively near Water Sheep's pen, making PewDiePie shout at Water Sheep. PewDiePie at that point shows him a few firecrackers and a short time later Sven gets in Boat Cow ll's boat which irritates PewDiePie. 

Section 12 

PewDiePie And Sven - A Parody Of Phineas And Ferb's Theme Song - YouTube

Sven gets in a birch boat, which PewDiePie gets him out of saying that he shouldn't get in Boat Cow's boat by the same token. Sven at that point gets into the boat in any case. He later worries PewDiePie a piece while he's preparing elixirs by getting excessively near a ricocheting pufferfish and strolling on the edge of his chimney. 

Section 13 

PewDiePie - Sven (Minecraft Song) - YouTube

Sven rides a minecart rail which PewDiePie put him in, while he goes in a different one. Sven winds up venturing out in front of him and does the whole thing with PewDiePie pursuing him, and ultimately, the two of them get to a stop toward the beginning. PewDiePie pushes him down again and when he returns a Creeper comes out and detonates, yet Sven endures. PewDiePie at that point begins making flags, and Sven tumbles from higher up giving him a respiratory failure. At that point, Sven watches PewDiePie assemble his subsequent house. After, PewDiePie passes on from a Creeper impact in spite of the fact that Sven endures the impact, and will observer the marvel of existence with infant turtles alongside PewDiePie who returns. Sven at that point continues to mate with Turtle's better half directly before Turtle. 

Section 14 

Wolf Life: The Family -- Minecraft Animation - YouTube

PewDiePie uncovers to Sven that the house he just constructed is really Sven's home. He shows Sven around the spot and leaves him there so he doesn't perceive what is going to end up watering Sheep. Sven stays sitting before the house and is seen there toward the finish of the scene. 

Section 15 

5 Times SVEN Almost DIED.. (PewDiePie Minecraft Series) - YouTube

Sven and PewDiePie go on an epic trip across various biomes to discover the Woodland Mansion. They pass by wrecks and towns and at last end up at the house. PewDiePie brings Sven along where he marvelously endures two creeper blasts and the two get back with bunches of plunder. 

Section 16 

Sven is shown the recently finished Giant Meatball and PewDiePie struggles attempting to get Sven to attempt the lift, which fizzles. Sven later observers the endeavored restoration of Water Sheep by forfeiting the chickens, which likewise falls flat. Sven watches PewDiePie assemble the commemoration and he additionally goes to Water Sheep's memorial service. Later in the scene, Sven and PewDiePie go searching for Dinnerbone and Joergen II however couldn't discover Dinnerbone, in spite of the fact that Joergen II is found and gotten back. 

Section 17 

Sven is carried with PewDiePie alongside Joergen ll to discover and investigate the wilderness PewDiePie found in a previous scene. In the wilderness Sven and PewDiePie discover Klaus and furthermore meet a Panda, with Sven likewise enduring various Creeper blasts. Sven at that point helps PewDiePie rout a lot of crowds just as tracking down an Iron Golem in a town. From that point forward, they all get back securely. 

Section 18 

Sven and PewDiePie visit the congregation interestingly and afterward both proceed to discover a city to capture a resident. They at that point show up back home, and PewDiePie chooses to bring Sven and Joergen ll to discover the End however chooses not to take Sven on the grounds that it could take some time. 

Section 19 

PewDiePie takes Sven and Joergen ll to the Mushroom island that Water Sheep advised them to go to. They discover a Mushroom Cow and some fortune. Later on, Sven observes Joergen ll's destruction as he chokes in the mining tunnel. There is a paranoid idea that Sven is really the person who pushed Joergen II down that mining tunnel, not PewDiePie. 

Section 20 

Sven slaughters the Mooshroom after Pewds coincidentally hit it. Close to the furthest limit of the scene, Sven goes through the Nether Portal, stalling out there. Pewds gets aggravated, revealing to Sven that the video is finished. He figures out how to get him back through before the video closes. 

Section 21 

Sven transports on top of the platform for the sculpture PewDiePie is building, and tumbles off. 

Section 22 

At the point when PewDiePie can't discover Sven, he begins freezing however ultimately discovers him on top of the Church of Water Sheep's water stream. 

Section 23 

Sven monitors the Pig Army and PewDiePie goes to safeguard him. Sven at that point watches the Zombie Villager get restored. 

Section 24 

After effectively depleting a sea landmark and asserting it as his own, PewDiePie shows Sven around his new submerged base. Sven at that point gets into Librarian Couple's fricking chamber and meets Ulla Britta toward the finish of the scene. 

Section 25 

PewDiePie brings Sven inside for the shrink battle. After its decision, PewDiePie shows Sven the signal and discloses to him how Water-Sheep, Joergen, and Joergen II kicked the bucket to invigorate us. 

Section 26 

PewDiePie shows Sven the PewDiePie seat he got in the wake of crushing the PewDiePie Boss. 

Section 27 

PewDiePie, Sven and Dark Joergen head out to the taiga biome for an undertaking. PewDiePie leaves Dark Joergen in an opening and goes to the woodland. Sven and PewDiePie spot two child foxes. PewDiePie names them Bengt and Åke, however Åke is slaughtered by a wolf not long after. As they are going to leave, PewDiePie chooses to tame another wolf and makes him Sven's sweetheart. Toward the finish of the scene, the couple had a wedding function and make a child. 

Section 28 

PewDiePie attempts to alarm Sven with a zombie head, however a creeper explodes directly close to him. Following Sven is examined by two additional creepers, yet PewDiePie barely executes them. He at that point watches firecrackers with his family and Ulla Britta. 

Section 29 

After an assault is set off, Sven takes significant harm from the assailants and is almost murdered, yet Felix recuperates him and has him plunk down for its finish. 

Section 30 

Alongside Sven's BF, Sven's Son, Dark Joergen, Bengt, and Ulla Britta, Sven watches celebratory firecrackers with PewDiePie at IKEA Tower. 

Section 32 

Sven does an epic bounce over Ulla Britta while testing PewDiePie's new minecart hopping machine. 

Sven's BF tumbles to the ground and bites the dust in the wake of utilizing PewDiePie's ricocheting machine made of ooze blocks. Sven is told about his demise, and afterward PewDiePie escapes from the house and starts another life as Felix accepts the best way to protect everybody is to be as distant as could be expected. 

Section 33 

After Feigi bites the dust, PewDiePie returns back to his base. He inquires as to whether they're cool after he ousts the Council of Watersheep, and he barks. 

Section 34 

Sven vanishes among with different pets for obscure reasons. 

Section 35 

Sven alongside different pets were found under Ikea Tower before Pewdiepie exploded it because of a substitution, Pewdiepie asked Sven for what valid reason they were there and Sven revealed to him Council of Beetroot advised them to remain there and afterward they were experienced by Council of Beetroot which exploded Ikea Tower. Sven, Sven's Son, Bengt and Joergen all kick the bucket from the blast as PewDiePie, who has scarcely any wellbeing left, endeavors to discover any individual who may have endure the blast. 

I plant 20 000 Trees in Minecraft (Not Creative) 

Feigii advises Pewdiepie to stack an old save, in a plot known as Operation Time Travel Rescue. Getting back to the time not long before their demises, he prevents The Council Of Beetroot from exploding his pets again and saves Sven, Sven's Son, Bengt and Joergen III. 

Section 38 

A fire breaks out in Sub2pewdiepie12's House. During the calamity, Sven bursts into flames and nearly kicked the bucket, yet is saved by PewDiePie. Toward the finish of scene, Ingvar gets close to Sven and energizes. The scene halted there, and Sven's destiny was left obscure until Part 39 (very nearly two months after the fact). 

Section 39 

Subsequent to getting back to Minecraft after a break, sub2pewdiepie12 spends the scene searching for Sven, before at last discovering him in the desert, with him having endure the blast toward the finish of Part 38. They get back to land, where PewDiePie unconsciously powers Sven to make an infant with his own child, making an infant through inbreeding. Thereafter, Sven reunites with Ulla-Britta and Joergen III. 

Section 40 

After understanding that his and DEEEP's youngster was brought into the world through interbreeding, Sven burns through the vast majority of the scene sitting in a corner shaking. He persuades PewDiePie to save his infant youngster, which is named Alabama. 

I Trapped Someone in Minecraft for 100 Days.. also, this occurred! 

PewDiePie takes Joergen III and Sven on a journey to discover Green PewDiePie bird in the wilderness, which is the place where he left the bird in Episode 36. This demonstrates successfull, and PewDiePie restrains bird. 

I Did Something Awful in Minecraft! 

Wolf Life 2 - Minecraft animation - YouTube

PewDiePie carries a Bee into Broland to cause him and his family to fertilize however he accidently hits it and starts assaulting him yet fortunately Sven executes it. 

Minecraft VR 

Wolf Life 1 - Alien Being Minecraft Animation - YouTube

PewDiePie loads an old save record to play with his VR. In this video he gives Sven a major embrace. He goes on a chase with Sven and they slaughter a few creatures together. During the next night, they are trapped by an influx of zombies. Fans estimate that Sven kicked the bucket in this battle, as he can be heard biting the dust while PewDie

Random data 

Individuals have noticed how Sven has broadly endure a few hazardous circumstances, like various Creeper blasts, agreeable fire by PewDiePie, and fall harm, when different characters like Joergen, PeePeePooPoo, and Water-Sheep have passed on so without any problem. This has prompted some hypothesis that the first Sven may have as of now kicked the bucket and Pewds supplanted him behind the scenes, to save the arrangement. The vast majority estimate Sven passed on in Part 9 after the boat broke with him on it, apparently suffocating him, and PewDiePie halted the video and supplanted Sven prior to allowing the scene to proceed. Nonetheless, this is impossible and Sven is presumably a divine being above men, having the force of eternality. 

A repetitive joke all through the arrangement and being a fan is the manner by which Felix continually takes care of Sven steak at whatever point he is harmed or harmed, hollering "EAT!". 

A running gag is that when antagonistic crowds approach Felix he will advise Sven to follow them, yet more often than not Felix will murder them so quick that Sven will not will assault, yet he winds up commending Sven for sitting idle. 

Pewdiepie has pronounced Sven as large gay, nonetheless, some conjecture that Sven is huge sexually unbiased due to having had "fricked" Virgin Turtle's better half. Felix said Sven did this sheerly to affront Virgin Turtle, and not out of real sexual connection. 

Sven, who was found in Part 7, is the second-longest living character in MINECRAFT EPIC, the longest living character as of now is Llama Guy #1, who was found one scene previously, in Part 6. 

At the point when Sven BF and Svenson were bobbing on Felix's redstone "skipping cushion", Sven BF was slaughtered yet Svenson was as yet alive, which left numerous individuals to reason that Svenson was acquired Sven's unfading qualities. 

Since the second PewDiePie met Sven, he swore that if Sven bites the dust, the entire Minecraft arrangement closes. He hasn't kicked the bucket since the time one of the fresher scenes named "I plant 20 000 Trees in Minecraft (Not Creative)" in which he was saved in Operation Time Travel Rescue following the Ikea Tower blast. This is the excellent explanation individuals are theorizing Sven has kicked the bucket as of now and Pewdiepie has supplanted him, since he needs to proceed with his effective arrangement.