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The Simpsons predicted the future

 donald trump the simpsons

16 years prior, a scene of "The Simpsons" anticipated that Donald Trump would one day become US president. 

Furthermore, this wasn't the lone time the authors have figured out how to foresee what's to come. 

"The Simpsons" has been running for more than 25 years, so it's inescapable that a few topics that crop up in the show may happen, in actuality. In any case, a portion of the plot lines are shockingly near occasions that have occurred all through the world.

20 Times 'The Simpsons' Mysteriously Guessed What Will Happen In The Future  | Bored Panda

The Simpsons are, not just perhaps the most famous animation arrangement ever, yet it is evidently our most solid look into the future, as well. 

Throughout recent years, the TV show has been dropping cutting edge clues, and we're just barely seeing them now. From President Trump to Greta Thunberg's dooming environmental change discourse, and right to Game of Thrones unexpected developments and innovative creations, The Simpsons called them first. 

What's more, for your satisfaction just, I have curated a rundown of the best Simpsons modern expectations. Since, why not? 

15 Times When Simpsons Precisely Predicted the Future

In this way, right away, and in no specific request, here are their best and most creepy forecasts.

1 Kamala Harris Dress In Purple

20 Times 'The Simpsons' Mysteriously Guessed What Will Happen In The Future  | Bored Panda

2 .The Simpsons predict George Floyd's death?

When did The Simpsons predict George Floyd's death?

3 . Kobe Bryant death the Simpsons predictions

15 Times The Simpsons Predicted The Future (Kobe Bryant, Trump) - YouTube

4 .Beirut explosion Simpsons predictions

Simpsons Predicted Explosion In Beirut 2020 | Lebanon Explosion - YouTube

 5 .Smart Watch Simpsons predictions 

The Simpsons: 10 Times The Show Predicted The Future | ScreenRant

6 .Disney Buying 20th Century Fox Simpsons predicted

Disney's Purchase of 21st Century FOX Explained -

Back in 1998, the makers of The Simpsons showed Homer making the content. This content was delivered by twentieth Century Fox however in the scene, you can see that there's a sign before the studio's central command that says "a division of Walt Disney Co." truth be told, Disney did really buy twentieth Century Fox for $52.4 billion 19 years after the fact.

7 .The Simpsons 'predict' Christopher Columbus statue beheading

Did The Simpsons 'predict' Christopher Columbus statue beheading? | Metro  News

8 .'The Simpsons' predict the Capitol Hill riots in 1996

Did 'The Simpsons' predict the Capitol Hill riots in 1996?

13 'Simpsons' Predictions That Have NOT Come True… But Certainly Could (Photos)

Drift Cars Back in 2005, Professor Frink designed a machine that permitted Bart and Lisa to see into their future, as in 2013. Marge left Homer since he blew through their investment funds on a submerged house and spent what he had extra on a drift vehicle. Albeit the ride is rough (it's a model), it gets them through a quantum burrow. How close is that vision to materializing? In 2017, Renault made a cutting edge looking idea vehicle called "Buoy" that could move toward any path without turning. A similar innovation is being utilized in Tesla's Hyperloop train plan.

Simpsons Mind Control Music

Brain Control Through Music  A 2001 scene of "The Simpsons" called "New Kids on the Blecch" frightened the living crap out of guardians with its plot that had Bart and his buddies in another band that reluctantly was a psy-operations project by the Navy Dept. proposed to take care of kids with subconscious cues in their music. Their greatest hit: a tune named "Drop Da Bomb." This section might be making it into TheWrap's "Simpsons forecasts that have materialized" story as soon as possible, as certain individuals accept that hip-jump verses program audience members.

Simpsons virtual reality VR Food

Augmented Reality Food "The Simpsons" made it back to the future, this chance to 2030, where Homer and Marge chowed down on "virtual fudge" by means of VR glasses and taking care of cylinders. Despite the fact that you'd think the entire "virtual," "no calories" thing would have managed down the lousy nourishment addict patriarch, it didn't. Then, in reality, Royal Caribbean is investigating giving their voyage line visitors a VR eating experience – with each chomp of food, you are moved to another setting. Also, food researchers at Cornell University found that cheddar eaten in a charming VR setting tasted better.

Simpsons Colonizing Mars

Colonization of Mars Marge isn't excited when Lisa volunteers for a future single direction outing to Mars… so she volunteers to go with her. Truth be told, expecting to prevent Lisa, the entire family joins. The thought behind Exploration Incorporated's endeavor is to colonize the Red Planet before 2026, a date that climbs to, similar to, the week's end. The departure bombs however Lisa and Marge make it to Mars in 2051, just for Lisa to declare she needs to move to Venus. While Elon Musk's SpaceX is right now creating Mars-headed load trips for as ahead of schedule as 2022, completely colonizing Mars would require an awesome financial plan.

Simpsons Hologram Mail

Multi dimensional image Mail Another investigate the future had a lowlife Bart getting a visualization message employing his band for a club gig. The booking closed down with "smell ya later," which supplanted the standard "farewell." HD3 3D images – a three-sided holographic showcase case – are as of now accessible for use in stores and introduced in excess of 500 Best Buy stores. Could 3D image mail be near the real world? Possibly. Be that as it may, one thing is without a doubt, it will not be modest.

Simpsons Green Energy

Concealment of Green Energy In the 582nd scene of "The Simpsons," Lisa develops a vehicle fueled by sun oriented energy to race in the Alternative Energy Derby, just for the Duff dirigible to shut out the sun, making her vehicle prevent dead crawls from the end goal. Abnormal happenstance or a message about a huge organization (Duff) undermining the movement of green, environmentally friendly power for corporate interests?
Simpsons Environmental Disaster

Huge Scale Environmental Disaster "The Simpsons Movie" handles a monstrous natural debacle that most unquestionably could occur yet fixes it in a genuinely impossible manner. In the 2007 film, Homer dumps pig excrement in the generally hazardously contaminated Springfield Lake, causing an ecological emergency. To keep the town's tainting contained, the president encases Springfield under a goliath glass vault. Can the destructive degrees of polluted water occur? Damnation yes. What's more, it has ordinarily. Yet, no glass arches yet.

Simpsons President Schwarzenegger

First Foreign-Born President The U.S. president who requested a monster vault to be raised over Springfield after the recently referenced calamity was… hang tight for it… President Arnold Schwarzenegger. Indeed, the previous California lead representative has some political experience, yet the Constitution expresses that "No Person with the exception of a characteristic conceived Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the hour of the Adoption of this Constitution, will be qualified to the Office of President." But there is space for translation.

Simpsons Ivanka Trump President

Ivanka Trump Runs for President in 2028 "The Simpsons" made a somewhat unobtrusive purpose of proposing that the main girl, Ivanka Trump, would pursue the most elevated position in the land when Homer wore an "Ivanka 2028" crusade button in a 2016 scene. They again threw conceal on Ivanka in 2017 by denoting her dad's 100th day in office with a scene that showed her supplanting Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court, while demonstrating a robe and hoops from her assortment that could be purchased for 1,000 rubles. It is possible that Ivanka could run for president, and in spite of the fact that there are "liked" capabilities of a Supreme Court Justice, the Constitution doesn't specify anything for sure.

Simpsons ABC

ABC Merges With Several Networks instantly forward to the day Lisa gets hitched, a news broadcast showed that ABC had converged a few other significant telecom companies to become CNNBCBS. Television stations, film studios and creation organizations are consolidating everywhere the most recent couple of years, so the sky is the limit on that front. On the other side, that equivalent scene said that Fox had continuously become a bad-to-the-bone sex channel. So there's that.

Simpsons Robots

Robots Take Over "The Simpsons" anticipated mass robotization in 2012 with robots assuming control over positions of numerous people (which many accept is as of now occurring), however a robot upset was addressed some time before that. In a 1994 scene of "Bothersome and Scratchy Land," the family visited an amusement park monitored with robots that go out of control and execute everyone. J├╝rgen Schmid Huber – known as "the dad of man-made brainpower" – accepts that AI genius will trigger runaway innovative development and significant changes to human progress in "only 30 years."

Simpsons Digital Big Ben

Large Ben Goes Digital The "Lisa's Wedding" scene in 1995 indeed cast an investigate the future (as in, 2010), when she was infatuated with a Brit. An excursion to England to meet his folks showed the renowned Clock Tower wearing another look to the essence of Big Ben: computerized show. It returned 17 seasons later close to the St. Beatles Cathedral in "Christmas and Thanksgiving of Future Passed" scene. Enormous Ben's tolls have been quiet for longer than a year and will not ring again until 2021 because of fixes, however going computerized? Nah.

Bigfoot is real

Bigfoot Is Real While on an outdoors trip with the pack, Homer is confused with Bigfoot in the wake of falling into mud and is caught by researchers for perception. In any case, it was Bart who experienced the genuine Sasquatch in 2002 while leaving a transport in Canada. Alright, so perhaps we're extending it a little by recommending that Bigfoot "could be" genuine." But on the other hand, possibly we're definitely not.

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