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"That is magnificent": PewDiePie responds to Corpse Husband's bulletin now and again Square in New York

 Pewdiepie sings CORPSE husband Song | Listens to his music | Among us Hide  and Seek proximity chat - YouTube

During his new Minecraft stream, Felix "PewDiePie" Kjellberg shared his considerations on the new Corpse Husband board that took over Times Square in New York. 

Subsequent to winning a challenge coordinated by Gymshark, well known nondescript YouTuber Corpse Husband got his own personal bulletin, which lit up New York's Times Square with his "Stream E-Girls Are Ruining My Life" tweet.


Seeing Corpse Husband decorating one of the notable boards in New York's consecrated Times Square set off a large number of responses on the web, with his fans assuming control over the web. 

31-year-old Swedish YouTuber PewDiePie likewise said something regarding the wonder, portraying the whole situation as "great."

Before their appearance, PewDiePie shared his considerations on the Corpse Husband board that broke the web as of late: 

"Goodness definitely, Corpse got his bulletin . That is great! The world finds a sense of contentment, finally ! What amount do those expense? That is a particularly decent advertising move ! Don't they cost like, I can't envision them being in excess of 20 thousand . Definitely, announcements are attempting urgently to get individuals to pay them. They probably brought down their costs!" 

This isn't the first occasion when that PewDiePie has spoken about Corpse Husband during his livestreams, having shared a genuine message of appreciation for him back when he was simply coming into the spotlight. 

From uncovering that he was glad for him, to encouraging fans to "back off of him," PewDiePie's ardent words hit home for a greater part of Corpse Husband's fans. 

The team have worked together previously and furnished fans for certain important minutes, none more so than their conversation on "feline ears."