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PewDiePie Shocked to Learn That Someone Predicted His Success Ten Years Ago


If you somehow managed to return in time 10 years and tell Felix "PewDiePie" Kjellberg that he would one day be perhaps the greatest star on YouTube, he probably couldn't ever have trusted you. How would we know this precisely? All things considered, on the grounds that this precise circumstance played out right back in 2011 and Barely cared about it right now. 

In probably the most recent video from the incredibly famous substance maker, Kjellberg shared a new tweet from Daily Dose Of Internet that showed a book discussion between the two from 10 years prior. Every day Dose, which presently flaunts 11 million endorsers on YouTube of its own and is controlled by Jason Gryniewicz, disclosed to Kjellberg that he accepted he would one day be celebrated. Kjellberg, who just bragged around 40,000 endorsers at that point, barely cared about it at the time yet at the same time valued the slant from any individual who sent him notes of this kind. "I never trusted them however it actually caused me to feel like, 'No doubt, please, we should go,'" he said in his video.
This dude predicting PewDiePie's future sub count : agedlikewine

What truly end  up dazing Kjellberg however was exactly how quite a while in the past this entire circumstance occurred. At the point when he saw that the message between the two was time stepped for April of 2011, it end up being jostling when he understood how far back that currently was. "No doubt, 10 years prior. Heavenly s*** man. F***ing knocked my socks off how long that is," Kjellberg proceeded to say. 
PewDiePie stunned by Daily Dose Of Internet predicting his YouTube success  a decade ago - Dexerto
Regardless of whether Kjellberg himself couldn't have anticipated his prosperity every one of those years prior, it appears to be that numerous others had a smart thought from the beginning that he planned to get large. That being said, I question anybody might have at any point precisely anticipated the brilliant ascent that the PewDiePie channel has had throughout the long term. Kjellberg presently flaunts an amazing 109 million endorsers altogether on YouTube and has a total assets that is during the many millions.